Grand Prix for ‘The Black Box Garden’ in Moscow

Posted on 21st September 2016

My second trip to Russia this year turned out to be another amazing experience, meeting some great people and creating some wonderful memories. It wasn’t all pleasure… I was there to work, building a show garden at The Moscow festival of Gardens and People (Sadi I Ludi). The garden was called ‘The Black Box garden [...]

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Moscow black box 1 final

Building a time machine in a garden in Moscow

Posted on 12th August 2016

Tomorrow I’m back to Russia, but this time it’s to Moscow to build a show garden at the Moscow Festival of ‘Gardens and People’. . . The garden is called ‘The Black Box garden’ and is inspired by Kasimir Malevich’s famous ‘Black Square’ painting which represented a new language of art abandoning reality in favour [...]

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A show garden adventure in Istanbul

Posted on 19th May 2016

It’s a week since I got back from Istanbul having built a show garden for the first ever Bestiktas garden festival and I have only just got around to downloading some images of my garden ‘Seeking refuge’. . I had no idea what an adventure this would turn out to be!  A full on endurance [...]

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Istanbul visual 2 final

Bringing the refugee crisis to life in a garden in the heart of Istanbul

Posted on 27th April 2016

My trowel is packed and I am about to head off to help build my show garden for the inaugural Besiktas garden festival in Istanbul, Turkey.  I really have no idea what awaits but I am up for the challenge and excited to be building my first international show garden. . . The garden is [...]

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Made up after garden makeover

Posted on 26th September 2014

It has been a truly crazy week and I am so ready to collapse into this weekend!  I have so much garden and design inspiration squelching around in my head it’s going to take a few nights of restless sleep to allow it all to be absorbed, filtered and filed. .

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