Ham Day Care Centre (Photo:RTT)

A Garden for people with Dementia

Posted on 8th January 2012

Last night we went to see ‘The Iron Lady’ at our local cinema and were not the only one’s to have had the idea.   A very long, very British queue poured out of the entrance to the cinema.  We made it to our seats just in time for the start, but without popcorn or pop… [...]

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Mum, Dad and me (The Clients and their Designer)

A Garden fit for my folks

Posted on 1st August 2011

Working for friends and family some would say is a very bad idea, but I am determined to prove them wrong.  I do yabber on quite a bit about gardens and design these days and at times must slightly bore those closest to me, especially if they don’t quite share my passion. Everyone seems to [...]

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High Line

One minute on the High Line in Manhattan

Posted on 17th July 2011

What a soggy summer weekend it has been! We have spent lots of time indoors being domestic… I went a bit mad yesterday and decided to sort out our wardrobes and off load any item of clothing not worn in the last two years. Richard, who loves to hoard, was not impressed and looked traumatised [...]

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My first taste of the RHS Hampton Court Show 2011

Posted on 5th July 2011

Just back from a day at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show and I feel drunk on gardens.  I went with my design buddy Rosie who is turning out to be my show garden companion for 2011.  It’s a bit like a Jane Austin novel, she and I doing the summer season of RHS garden [...]

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Saying goodbye to Syd at Stourhead

Posted on 13th June 2011

I have just returned from ten wonderful days of holiday on the Amalfi coast in Italy with my folks and Rich. I am so chilled out that getting back into work today has been a toughie.

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