Building a time machine in a garden in Moscow

Posted on 12th August 2016

Tomorrow I’m back to Russia, but this time it’s to Moscow to build a show garden at the Moscow Festival of ‘Gardens and People’.
Moscow black box 1 final
The garden is called ‘The Black Box garden’ and is inspired by Kasimir Malevich’s famous ‘Black Square’ painting which represented a new language of art abandoning reality in favour of the simplicity of shapes and colour.
As visitors enter the garden they descend a ramped path towards the black box Malevich pavilion. Either side of them is an abstracted scene representing a forest fire.  The pavilion itself is clad with burnt timber and this part of the garden is symbolic of an adult’s perception of the world.
The pavilion however acts as a time machine and once inside visitors are beneath ground level and their vision outside is at the height of a small child. Perspective is altered and the the view through the pavilion windows is now of uplifting and ornamental meadow style planting. An aperture cut in the roof of the pavilion with a large square bench beneath will allow visitors to lie back and be absorbed in the sky; perhaps to dream of flying or to create a new world from the shapes of the clouds above.
On a daily basis we see violence, anger and bloodshed around the World.  Most of it is caused by adults and is the result of a difference in perception. I love the simplicity of Malevich’s ‘black square’ and the sentiment behind it and hope that my Black box will remind people of how as children we shared a common perception of the world around us; of being in the moment, innocent, non judgemental and care free.

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