Made up after garden makeover

Posted on 26th September 2014

It has been a truly crazy week and I am so ready to collapse into this weekend!  I have so much garden and design inspiration squelching around in my head it’s going to take a few nights of restless sleep to allow it all to be absorbed, filtered and filed.


Firstly, I spent several days at the International landscape conference in Bergamo, Italy, where I gave a seminar, listened to talks by some great garden designers, gardeners and Landscape architects and ate and drank far too much. This was followed by a talk at the Landscape show in Battersea, a really lovely industry event where you can catch up with suppliers, meet new ones and pick up some fresh ideas. Then yesterday myself and five other designers were taken to Germany by Deepdale for a tree fest.  We roamed field after field full of stunning specimens, many of which were starting to colour up for autumn.

In the middle of all this chaos we finished the Ecover garden makeover for the Homer family who won a competition with Ecover to have their back garden spruced up.  One of the loveliest families I have worked for… it was so good to see them all smiling and happy with the end result.


All of the hard work in the garden has been done by the talented and hardworking chaps of Burnham landscapes who took my design and made it a reality. In three weeks they have created a vibrant family garden, which has plenty of open areas for the kids to play, but also doubles up as a contemporary entertaining and chill out space for the grown ups. Bright colours introduce an element of fun for this young family who’s only request was to have fruit trees, an uplifting space they could enjoy, oh! and a long washing line.  With crab apples, two desert apples, one cooking apple, one plum and one cherry I’m hoping they will have quite a bounty in years to come and the retractable line which stretches the length of the garden should accommodate a few loads of laundry. The design also features generous decked areas, a new lawn, beds full of colourful perennials and an area to grow veg.  Here are some shots of the before and after:








Ecover makeover garden 170714 copy
















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