‘Mini Chelsea Flower Show’ garden 2010

Posted on 11th April 2010

Whoop whoop! I am so excited. My design, ‘The Centred Garden’ has been chosen by Jackson’s Fencing Limited as a winning entry to its 2010 Show Garden competition. Garden designers from all over Europe submitted designs to the competition and after much deliberation by the Jackson’s team; four gardens have been chosen to be built at their Kent site. The gardens will be launched in mid May and will be in situ for a year.


‘The Centred Garden’ takes inspiration from my travels in Japan although it does not follow any rules or principles of Japanese design. I felt a great sense of harmony and order from the gardens I visited in Japan, and I wanted to try to reflect this through a very simple, geometric design that provided areas for both relaxation and contemplation and also entertainment on a relatively small plot of land.


The strong geometric shapes of the hard landscaping are contrasted by the softer textures of the planting all of which has been chosen to suit a thin alkaline soil and require less watering. The garden showcases a wide range of Jackson’s quality products, which I have used in different and unusual ways.


Louise Tomlin, Marketing Manager for Jackson’s said about the project “We wanted to create something that will really attract visitors and hopefully create a bit of a stir. We have a reasonable display area and people do come from all over, surprisingly from France and other European countries, and even Japan! But fencing, as lovely as it is, can be a little unexciting on it’s own – so the idea is to have an inspirational display, with other good quality products and reliable suppliers, all showcased in exciting show gardens, on a par with Chelsea or Hampton Court Flower Shows, although smaller, so visitors can get inspiration for their own garden projects.”


To find out more about the Jackson’s Show Gardens please click here

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