I am able to offer a full range of services to design and implement your dream garden.

Every garden is different and so are the requirements of each client.  It may be that you are looking for a complete garden re-design and build, or perhaps just a border re-design and new planting scheme. As a result I can tailor an approach to your specific needs.

Step 1: Initial Meeting & Proposal

Step 1: Initial Meeting & Proposal

Initial meeting:

I will arrange a time to meet with you at your convenience. It will be an opportunity for me to take you through examples of my design work and explain the design process further if necessary. We will discuss your requirements for the project, your budget and I will take a first look at the outdoor space to be developed.


Following our meeting I will write to you detailing your brief, my approach, the stages and services involved, and a breakdown of my fees.

If you are happy with the proposal and wish to proceed there are a number of services and stages outlined below that may be applicable to your project:

Step 2: Site survey, analysis and Client brief

Step 2:  Site survey, analysis and Client brief

I will visit again to carry out a measured survey of the site, to test your soil, and to really get to know the space considering factors such as aspect, existing structures and services, drainage, access and the surrounding environment.  I will also talk to you in more detail about your brief.

Step 3: Master Plan & Planting Plan

Step 3: Master Plan & Planting Plan

Master Plan:

Having established all the facts the creative bit can begin.  I will come up with a new concept for your garden and present this back to you in plan, detailing proposed areas of hard-landscaping and planting.  I will accompany this with visuals to help bring my ideas to life.  I will then refine the design to accommodate your feedback

Planting Plan:

Following the principle of ‘right plant, right place’, I will recommend plants for your garden and arrange them to ensure they paint a picture of all year round interest.  I will accompany this plan with a full plant schedule sourcing plants from nurseries that provide quality plants at a good price.

Step 4: Build & Planting

Step 4: Build & Planting

Build and planting:

Following approval of the plans I can produce construction drawings to aid in the construction of the proposed hard-landscaping.  I can then introduce you to specialist contractors I have worked with to build your new garden and manage the project through.  Alternatively, I can produce full specification and tender preparation should you wish to put the project out to tender.  All plants will be delivered to site and can be set out by myself before planting.

Step 5: Aftercare

Step 5: Aftercare


Once you have your beautiful new garden I can produce a maintenance schedule to help you to keep everything looking at its best all through the year. Ensuring your garden is a success is my top priority so I will stay in contact with you to offer advice and visit the garden as it matures.

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